eCruiting Force Guest Blog: Marketing Analysis For 2020/21 in Trucking Industry

We’ve teamed up with eCruiting Force to give you an insight from a truck driver recruiting agency about how the marketing is looking in the trucking industry.

Overall Look of Marketing in Trucking Industry

According to Alexander Banks [CEO of eCruiting Force] marketing, specifically social media advertising in the trucking industry has seen its spike.
By the end of 2020, we’ve seen a huge number of trucking companies starting to use social media platforms to advertise their opened CDL job positions. When I say huge, I mean it. Campaign performance dropped by by 31% just in December and have seen a steady decline ever since. Said Mr. Banks.

PPC and Realistic Conversion Prices

When asked about PPC prices and realistic conversions Mr. Banks stated:
The conversions are very low at this moment. I’m not a pessimistic type of person, but anyone using social media to advertise their jobs is not getting their bang for the buck. I would honestly suggest companies and agencies to be on job boards only because the current PPC rate on social media is about $95… Yes, I know, its crazy… Last year this time it was about $25. Said Mr. Banks.

Sourcing Suggestion

When asked about sourcing and what he suggests Alex told us:
I would honestly suggest recruiters to try as much as possible to source on social media such as Facebook groups and only invest in Job boards. Can’t give you any more than that. Said Alexander Banks, CEO of eCruiting Force



There you have it folks. For more information go directly to source truck driver recruiting agency eCruiting Force.

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